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  • Perfect for a wide range of cakes, cookies, biscuits and pastries

  • Comparable fineness to premium Japanese flour grades, making it simple to produce cakes of light textures and high volume

  • Lowered protein content ensures that the flour is soft enough for delicate treats

  • Low gluten levels guarantee a finer texture for your product


  • 适合各种蛋糕,饼干,点心和糕点

  • 与优质的日本面粉等级相当的细度,使得生产质地轻盈,体积大的蛋糕变得简单

  • 制作蛋糕之黄金比例(蛋白质含量 6.8%-7.2%),不易出筋,操作时更加便利,适合精致零食

  • 保水性佳,老化速度慢,烤焙出来的蛋糕组织较松软柔软


Additional Information

Ash 灰份: 0.37% max

Moisture 水分: 13.5% max

Protein 蛋白质: 6.8% - 7.2%

Wet gluten 湿筋值: 19.5% - 20.5%


Wheat flour (99.6%)


This product contains wheat gluten

Storage life: 12 months in well-ventilated and dry conditions

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BLUE JACKET Cake & Pastry Flour
台湾水手牌  -  超级蛋糕粉
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