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Cooking Class by Chef Marie

Updated: May 26, 2019

Over the weekend, we managed to get Chef Marie to host a baking class for both longtime and new friends of the local Blue Jacket Flour community. The group were taught to bake a healthy butter cream wholemeal bun, delicious taro layer cake as well as crispy almond tuiles. We were very pleased with the turn out rate of our very first baking class, and even more so delighted with the comments given! The participants loved the lighthearted yet highly informative class Chef Marie conducted, where she was able to impart crucial baking techniques in easy-to-digest ways (no pun intended 😁) that even beginners could understand. Furthermore, they were highly impressed with the wholemeal bun, which was not only nutritious but also soft and delicate, a trait unique to Blue Jacket Wholemeal Flour for baking wholemeal products We would like to thank each and every single one of our participants (and future ones too!) and we will definitely be hosting more of such classes in the near future so stay tuned for regular updates!


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