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Blue Jacket Baguette Flour is proudly unbleached and superfine - comparable to Japanese flour quality and fineness.


  • Boasting excellent wheat flavour and high water absorption

  • Makes crunchy, rich-flavoured baguettes with a soft and chewy interior 

  • For baguettes, artisan breads, toast, Danish pastries, croissant and more

台湾水手牌  -  法国面包粉

  • 适合制作各式法式长棍面包,酸种面包等

  • 从最高等级的加拿大硬红春小麦(CWRS)中碾磨制成

  • 制作出来的法式长棍面包松脆,麦香浓郁,柔软耐嚼,且内有内孔 

BLUE JACKET Baguette Flour

  • Ash 灰份: 0.37% - 0.43%

    Moisture 水分: 14% max

    Protein 蛋白质: 11% - 12.6%

    Wet gluten 湿筋值: 30.0% - 34.0%

    Weight: 1kg (net)



    Wheat flour (99.8%)

    This product contains wheat gluten

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