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Blue Jacket Wholewheat Flour is proudly unbleached and superfine - comparable to Japanese flour quality and fineness.


  • Milled from 100% premium wheat, preserving full natural wheat taste and nutrition

  • Great source of dietary fibre and adds essential vitamins and nutrients to baked goods

  • For all hearty wholemeal products like bagels, wholemeal buns, chapati, pizza dough and more


台湾水手牌  -  健康全粒粉

  • 蛋白质含量高,适合各种丰盛的全麦面包,如貝果面包,德式蝴蝶面包,各式卷饼和無添加的面包

  • 采用优质100%全硬麦制成,具有天然小麦风味

  • 膳食纤维的重要来源,为烘焙食品添加必需的维生素和营养素

BLUE JACKET Wholewheat Flour

  • Ash 灰份: 1.9% min

    Moisture 水分: 14% max

    Protein 蛋白质: 13.5% min

    Wet gluten 湿筋值: NIL

    Weight: 1kg (net)



    Wheat, whole grain (100%)


    This product contains wheat gluten

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