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  • Leading national brand of high gluten flour with soft and fine tissue, elasticity, and resistance to stirring
  • Flour of choice for making soft and light textured breads of great volume

  • For burger buns, toast, sweet buns, baguettes, frozen dough and more


台湾骆驼牌 - 高筋面粉

  • 国家领导品牌的高筋面粉, 成品制作起来具有柔软细腻的组织与弹性,还有非常好抗搅拌性

  • 最适合酵母发酵面包和各式吐司,以及中式点心皮

  • 是用于制作蓬鬆柔软和质地轻盈的面包的最佳面粉的选择


25kg CAMEL BRAND Bread Flour

  • Ash 灰份: 0.48% - 0.52%

    Protein 蛋白质: 12.6% - 13.9%

    Wet gluten 湿筋值: 35% - 38%

    Weight: 22kg (net)



    Wheat flour (99%)


    This product contains wheat gluten

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