Easy Wholemeal Buns
(Tang Zhong Style)
Recipe by:
Chef Forest Leong
What you'll need:

Makes 2 loaves/16 buns

Tang Zhong

Yeast Mixture

  • 10g Instant Dried Yeast

  • 250ml Milk (lukewarm)

  • 20g Sugar


Blue Jacket Wholewheat Flour

BJ Bread SQF no bg

Blue Jacket Bread Flour

  1. Prepare Tang Zhong by mixing Blue Jacket Bread Flour and water in a pot. Cook in medium to low heat till paste like. Set aside to cool or leave in fridge.

  2. Mix yeast mixture (B) and set aside for a few minutes to ferment and add egg

  3. Combine dough ingredient (C), Tang Zhong and yeast mixture. Mix and knead for 5-7min.

  4. Cover and set aside for 1st proofing for 1 hour or dough double in size.

  5. Remove dough and knead for a few minutes. Shape into balls or loaf.

  6. Set aside for 2nd proofing, 30-45min. Brush dough with egg yolk.

  7. Bake 180 degree for 25-30min.