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Thousands around you trust the Blue Jacket Unbleached Flour Series. Why don’t you too?


Blue Jacket Unbleached Flour is highly praised for its super fine texture and delicate tweaks to its ash, moisture, protein and gluten content that makes each one different from the rest. They each have their own perks and are best used for various purposes, as noted by their names -- All-Purpose, Bread, Cake & Pastry, Baguette and Wholewheat.


Combining superior fineness and premium grade milling wheat, Blue Jacket Unbleached Flour is bound to impress even the most seasoned bakers. Order yours today!


FREE delivery for orders above $80

Otherwise, $10 for islandwide delivery


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Blue Jacket Unbleached Flour Series

~ Taiwan's most trusted brand ~

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台湾水手牌  -  特级粉心粉

Our flagship product, this unbleached flour is the de facto choice for most home bakers out there given its strong reputation and our quality assurance.

As its name implies, it is used in a myriad of products ranging from noodles, buns, pastries and cakes to even roti prata and waffles!

台湾水手牌  -  法国面包粉

Other than baguettes, this flour is suitable for artisan breads such as sourdoughs and flatbreads.


Our flour guarantees the delicate balance between the crispy, golden-brown crust and the soft, chewy interior of the baguettes riddled with holes.

photo_2024-05-12 21.00.12.jpeg
photo_2024-05-12 20.54.30.jpeg

台湾水手牌  -  特级强力粉

Made using only the top milling grades of Canadian hard red spring wheat, the quality of our flour strikes a stark difference against most other brands in terms of making softer and fluffier yeast-based breads.


Pick one up today and try it out for yourself - we're sure you'll love it!

台湾水手牌  -  超级蛋糕粉

Specially produced with the lowest protein levels and a lowered gluten content, this makes it particularly suitable for making pastries with that amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture.


Furthermore, with our flour fineness on par with that of premium Japanese grades, its no wonder that cakes baked with our flour are so light and soft. 

photo_2024-05-12 20.49.37.jpeg
photo_2024-05-12 21.24.15.jpeg

台湾水手牌  -  健康全粒粉

Packed full with essential nutrients and vitamins B1, B2 and E, this high-fibre and high-protein product not only retains the natural wholewheat flavour but yet balances with a soft texture during every bite.

Who says healthy can't be tasty?

Other Products

Ever wanted to make cafe style food and desserts at home? Well, now you can! Our certified non-stick waffle pan guarantees peace of mind cooking and washing, while churning out delicious, warm and crispy waffles to pair with ice cream - the perfect snack combination!

Comes with cone shaper to create ice cream waffle cones


This brings in the Indian and Mexican cultures to the table, something most of us Singaporeans get to enjoy only when eating out. Now, try your hand at making your healthy wraps to go with homemade dishes for the whole family! This simple to use and clean contraption is guaranteed to bring smiles all around the family!


Taiwan-made by Duoli, gluten-free Pumpkin Powder (120g)


Use it as a substitute for traditional flour in your bakes, and adds a bright yellow to your finished product too.

Taiwan-made by Duoli, gluten-free Purple Sweet Potato Powder (120g)

High in antioxidants and low on the glycemic index (GI), it's perfect for the health-conscious baker who wants to elevate their bakes with this product. 


Use it as a substitute for traditional flour in your bakes, and adds a distinct purple colour to your finished product too.

By Duoli, gluten-free Taiwanese Red Yeast Powder (100g)


Made from the best red yeast - fermented, dried and ground. Proven to combat high cholesterol and promote heart health


Use it in your bakes to add a pop of colour too!

Brand Ambassadors

Our Partners & Ambassadors

cathys joy insta dp.jpg


Anyone can bake well, given the correct ingredients and recipes. But to churn out delicious looking food (that tastes good too of course!) is a whole new skill set altogether. As an experienced master in this field, Cathy will inspire you on how you too can make your great-tasting food look fantastic too. Take a look at her Instagram account for some great inspiration!

baking taitai insta dp.jpg


Someone who needs no introduction is Cheryl, better known as @baking_taitai. A self-taught baker and stay home mom, Cheryl loves to experiment with recipes she finds, adding in her own unique touch to suit her family's needs. Recently, she has also been more into food reviews and food blogging in general. Drop her a follow if that's what you're into!


Lun Hsin

Lun Hsin is an adventurous baker who focuses on healthy, Insta-worthy food. Evident from her beautifully taken photos, she puts in loads of effort into curating every post and healthy recipe for our enjoyment. A Taiwanese living on our sunny shores, she has been using Blue Jacket Flour for a while now and has become our partner too. Follow her on Instagram for more great recipes!



Both a bakery and a baking studio, they ensure quality of bakes by offering only freshly baked and fully-personalised orders, distinguishing them from other cookie-cutter bakeries. Another differentiating factor is their classes, available both offline and online, providing you with step by step video tutorials that can be rewatched anytime to replicate the same delicious bakes with ease. Check out their latest videos below!

ladyboss lorraine logo.jpg


Lorraine started with cheese dips and a variety of cookies, but with their successes she has since expanded to trying new items. She is very adventurous with flavours, guaranteeing that there's always something in her expanding menu for everyone. Take a dip of faith and get your hands on a packet or two of her goodies - we promise it would be a gastronomical adventure!

JNI bakes.jpg

JNI Bakes

Looking for homely & delicious recipes or want to get your hands on some bakes? Look no further! JNI Bakes emphasises on sharing mouth-watering homemade dishes, ranging from traditional asian dishes to bbq recipes and cute bakes. Check out their website to view their recipes, workshops, purchase freshly baked goods or just simply follow their journey in their home kitchen...

cotton homebakes logo.png


Yet another Super-mom who learnt baking all on her own, with just a spatula and a tiny mixer bowl to bake healthy and tasty cakes for her children. Soon, friends and neighbours started asking for personalised decorative chiffon cakes and now she's running a successful home business with almost 100 satisfied birthdays and events! Contact Kellynn now for custom baking masterpieces!



With a background in the arts and having a creative mind of her own, Sharel started making cartoon character goodies as a hobby. Soon, she found her passion in it and now even conducts classes to spread the knowledge and joy! It's evident from her pictures that her classes are well loved by her students who come back regularly! Check out her Instagram for more of these cute bakes!

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